Voltage sag compensator
The electric storage device does not require maintenance 15 years owing to the adoption of Nichicon's product items. Further, it is an eco-friendly product that does not contain such hazardous substances as heavy metals in the constituent materials.
Electric Double Layer Capacitor: "EVer CAP®"
These are high capacitance capacitors, with activated charcoal electrodes, that can be used semi-permanently, and that include neither cadmium nor lead which are found in nickel-cadmium batteries and lead storage batteries.
Dry-type High-voltage Advanced-phase Capacitor: "Geo DRY®"
This is a dry-type high-voltage advanced-phase capacitor that is more envirnmentally conscious , since it is the first in the industry to adopt nitrogen gas instead of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) gas.
Ultra-low Power Consumption Switching Power Supply
This is a switching power supply that makes great improvements in terms of loss of circuits and switching; when it is turned off in Standby mode; its electric power consumption is 20 mW, approximately 60% less than that of conventional products (based on Nichicon's comparison).
"Geo Cap®"
These are capacitors that have absolutely no polyvinyl chlorides in their sleeve material (PVC-less), and absolutely no lead in their terminals (lead-free).
The lineup consists of aluminum electrolyte capacitors, and plastic film capacitors.
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